2015 Reading Challenge

2015 Reading challenge

2015 Reading Challenge

Popsugar, a website I never heard of,  posted a 2015 reading challenge.  I learned the hard way to not accept reading challenges that require you to post the number of books you will read.  This one I thought I could do or mostly do.  The challenge lists 50 categories to choose from.  Some are outside my less than lofty taste level, but I thought I would give it a try. It lists 50 books defined by quirky categories.  It’s technically 52 books, since one is to read a trilogy.

I am going to include e-books and audiobooks in the category as well.  Each format provides a different experience; and it’s the experience of the story that counts with me.  I’ll post here, the books I read.  I’m also keeping a board on Pinterest which you can find here.  You can always read my reviews on Goodreads.  I will also add a goodreads feed to this blog.

So game on…or rather, Read On.  I’m already behind since I’ve already read a couple of books!


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