2016 Reading Challenge

I hesitated very long at 2016 about New Year’s Resolutions.  I’m not really anti-resolutions but I’m rather tired of letting myself down even with reading.  I did find one that looks absolutely do-able.  So I copied the challenge and then promptly forgot about it.  I found it again while looking through my files.  There was less than a week left in January.  Still do-able.  Eureka.  I’m going to give this a try.  I’ve already read the January book and I will post a review of it tomorrow.  And guess what?  If I don’t make it through the year, I will forgive myself.

I did also say that I would read 50 books for the Goodreads Reading Challenge.  

2016 Reading Challenge

Reading Challenges: The Joys and the Sorrows

My last post was a year ago and it was a happy post talking about my commitment to a 2015 Reading Challenge.  There were 26 different things to read and many outside my normal reading pattern.  I was also part of the Goodreads reading challenge where you state how many books you wish to read.  I low-balled my number so I wouldn’t let myself down.  Because

I really blew off the 2015 Reading Challenge I posted.  Part way through the first few months of 2015, I decided that I wanted to stay within my reading comfort zone.  I really did not want my reading material to be challenging.  Reading is a comfort and a joy for me.  Sometimes it’s an escape.  For me, 2015 was not such a bad year but there were challenges, some of them extreme especially for the loved ones around me.

What I did do is blow through my Goodreads challenge and read 300% over my low-balled figure.  I listen to audio books while I drive, while I do housework, while I quilt, and while I sit around and vegetate.  I read the printed word, both ebooks and physical books, as well.  I do believe that the audio books probably outnumbered the print books.  Score for quantity and quality.

I have found a 2016 Reading Challenge I like.  I may give it a try.  It’s one book a month and I managed to squeak January in under the wire.