The Allure of Reading Challenges

bookI fall for reading challenges every year (I also fall for Blocks of the Month quilting projects).  Each year starts so fresh and shiny, and I always think I can change (the implication is to be better) and accomplish lofty things.    This year, I thought I would be realistic and keep in my own safety zone…no “diversify your reading” challenges for me.  I am to embark on a big change in my life this year that will demand a lot of stressful activity; and I think that will be enough.

So I was going to stay with goodreads challenge.  Then I came across a couple of blog posts that lists reading challenges well within my areas of reading interest and is totally do-able since I have no intention of doing anything but read in the various genres that come my way by browsing library shelves, reading book reviews, and blogs.

I came across a masterlist of reading challenges at GirlXOXO  Almost anything for any interests.  So I chose a few (too many, probably) to pursue.  They are:

  • Audio Books Reading Challenge
  • Cloak and Danger Reading Challenge
  • Craving for Cozies
  • Cruising through the Cozies
  • Foodies Challenge
  • Library Love Challenge
  • Share-a-Tea Reading Challenge (My previous post)

There’s quite a few but they overlap and I’m hopeful.  I think that is the wonder and beauty of the New Year:  we start with such hope.  No matter what, we should work to sustain that spirit of hopefulness.  Part of that is forgiveness and compassion.  Hope is a renewable resource depending on how well we forgive ourselves our perceived missteps.

May your challenges be voluntary, your mis-steps few, and your self-compassion generate more love and hope.

I’m a Sucker for Reading Challenges

Last year,Last year what I thought was a completely do-able reading challenge with one book a month, each month outside my normal mono-focus on the mystery genre.  I actually got going in January by reading a book made into a movie, The Giver, which I liked.  I noted it on Then I lost the will to persevere.  I did read a lot, a whole lot, of books but they were either in my favorite category or something that captured my fancy.  In this respect, it was a great year.  I refuse to feel like a failure, after all, I am reading and enjoying stories.

This year, 2017, I found several reading challenges that sound do-able.  The first one I’m going to write about is run by Becky from Becky’s Book Reviews and is called the Share-a-Tea Reading challenge.     The rules are few and simple:  drink tea, read books, and share.  No minimums or standards to achieve.  I think I’ve already achieved two of the three.


I’ve already read three books, although the first one was started at the end of 2016.  They are:

  • Brownies and Broomsticks by Bailey Cates, a really cute cozy mystery about a young woman, a baker, who moves to Georgia to help her aunt and uncle run their bakery.  This first in a series tells us of her discoveries:  she’s from a long line of hereditary hedge witches; and there’s a dead body.
  • I also read The Taking of Libbie, SD by David Handler.  The next in a series about a former cop who is now a millionaire.  He is kidnapped by bounty hunters due to a mistaken identity.  Once the identity problem is resolved, he investigates.  I adore this series.
  • And then I read the marvelous The Great Reckoning by Louise Penny, one of my favorite authors.  She writes so lyrically about the human condition and the effects of history, corruption, art, literature on people’s thoughts, actions, and their souls.

And the teas I drank, to name a few, since I drink tea all day long!  My fitness program incorporates at least a gallon of liquid a day, which for me is mostly tea.I was on vacation…

  • Mate Chai by Citizen Tea
  • Double Chocolate Mate by The Republic of Tea
  • Matevana by Teavana, which they don’t make any more, to my great sorrow.  Fortunately I discovered Citizen Tea!
  • and probably others, I can’t think of.  I drink iced tea most of the day, though it’s just decaffeinated made from a mix (see I didn’t even apologize for that incredible gaffe in front of aficionados).   As always, I bravely live my life out-loud whether I intend to or not.

May your day and days be filled with refreshing beverages of all types and stories that delight you!


2016 Reading Challenge

I hesitated very long at 2016 about New Year’s Resolutions.  I’m not really anti-resolutions but I’m rather tired of letting myself down even with reading.  I did find one that looks absolutely do-able.  So I copied the challenge and then promptly forgot about it.  I found it again while looking through my files.  There was less than a week left in January.  Still do-able.  Eureka.  I’m going to give this a try.  I’ve already read the January book and I will post a review of it tomorrow.  And guess what?  If I don’t make it through the year, I will forgive myself.

I did also say that I would read 50 books for the Goodreads Reading Challenge.  

2016 Reading Challenge

Reading Challenges: The Joys and the Sorrows

My last post was a year ago and it was a happy post talking about my commitment to a 2015 Reading Challenge.  There were 26 different things to read and many outside my normal reading pattern.  I was also part of the Goodreads reading challenge where you state how many books you wish to read.  I low-balled my number so I wouldn’t let myself down.  Because

I really blew off the 2015 Reading Challenge I posted.  Part way through the first few months of 2015, I decided that I wanted to stay within my reading comfort zone.  I really did not want my reading material to be challenging.  Reading is a comfort and a joy for me.  Sometimes it’s an escape.  For me, 2015 was not such a bad year but there were challenges, some of them extreme especially for the loved ones around me.

What I did do is blow through my Goodreads challenge and read 300% over my low-balled figure.  I listen to audio books while I drive, while I do housework, while I quilt, and while I sit around and vegetate.  I read the printed word, both ebooks and physical books, as well.  I do believe that the audio books probably outnumbered the print books.  Score for quantity and quality.

I have found a 2016 Reading Challenge I like.  I may give it a try.  It’s one book a month and I managed to squeak January in under the wire.