The Allure of Reading Challenges

bookI fall for reading challenges every year (I also fall for Blocks of the Month quilting projects).  Each year starts so fresh and shiny, and I always think I can change (the implication is to be better) and accomplish lofty things.    This year, I thought I would be realistic and keep in my own safety zone…no “diversify your reading” challenges for me.  I am to embark on a big change in my life this year that will demand a lot of stressful activity; and I think that will be enough.

So I was going to stay with goodreads challenge.  Then I came across a couple of blog posts that lists reading challenges well within my areas of reading interest and is totally do-able since I have no intention of doing anything but read in the various genres that come my way by browsing library shelves, reading book reviews, and blogs.

I came across a masterlist of reading challenges at GirlXOXO  Almost anything for any interests.  So I chose a few (too many, probably) to pursue.  They are:

  • Audio Books Reading Challenge
  • Cloak and Danger Reading Challenge
  • Craving for Cozies
  • Cruising through the Cozies
  • Foodies Challenge
  • Library Love Challenge
  • Share-a-Tea Reading Challenge (My previous post)

There’s quite a few but they overlap and I’m hopeful.  I think that is the wonder and beauty of the New Year:  we start with such hope.  No matter what, we should work to sustain that spirit of hopefulness.  Part of that is forgiveness and compassion.  Hope is a renewable resource depending on how well we forgive ourselves our perceived missteps.

May your challenges be voluntary, your mis-steps few, and your self-compassion generate more love and hope.